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Prolaio is helping create smarter ways to solve heart disease.

Improving efficiencies.

Reducing hospital readmissions

Prolaio utilizes patient monitoring and predictive analytics to help care teams manage risk.

Keeping tabs on your patients with heart failure means you can intervene in sync with the patient’s developing condition, with the potential to reduce hospital readmissions. Patient monitoring with a wearable biosensor can begin as soon as the patient leaves the hospital, so you can proactively detect physiological exacerbations and deliver personalized interventions when necessary.

You’ll also have access to a dashboard of all your patients on the system, monitored in real time to give you inputs you need to take action.

Customized Transition Care Monitoring

Continuous, Connected Patient Data

Patients use a set of connected devices – including an adhesive ECG patch, connected scale, and connected blood pressure cuff to establish a personalized baseline. The Prolaio app guides them through scheduled tasks, including personal surveys about their symptoms,.

More Inputs to Inform Care Planning

In addition to displaying daily monitoring metrics, the Prolaio Patient Monitoring Report provides expert- and algorithm-powered assessments of patient risk trends. Your patients’ medical record data is given in context, to help you reach conclusions about how to proceed as you care for each patient.

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Always-on Monitoring

In the Prolaio Monitoring Workbench you’ll see a roster of all your patients in a single list that you can sort, filter, search, and scan to find patients who need your attention. Details are just a click away. And you can initiate personalized, proactive interventions to help those patients get back to good health.

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