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Prolaio can help prove therapeutic benefits through continuous outcome measures, while helping to keep patients safe from heart risks.

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Best-in-class stats. Faster-to-market therapies.

Prolaio was created by practicing experts and researchers in cardiology. That’s why its system is designed to be integrated, device agnostic, and work within existing processes to bring smarter solutions that achieve real results faster.

Collecting cardiac measures at clinical study check-in dates doesn't give a full picture of the patient's condition. Some therapeutic benefits, which could have supported treatment approval, may not be observed. And meanwhile, there could be a lag in detecting poor outcomes and making adjustments for individual study subjects.

The Prolaio Research Platform makes always-on statistical data possible for clinical studies with our compliant, FDA-recognized platform that leverages remote monitoring and AI.

Spot checks are flawed by nature. Give yourself the chance to see every signal with your subjects all the time, to generate insights, adapt, drive efficacy, and keep patients safe.

Companion Analytics

Cardiovascular Therapy Development

Prolaio’s monitoring gives you more granular insights and outcomes measures, proving therapeutic benefits and differentiating from the status quo.

Prolaio Monitoring Screen

All Therapy Development

Prolaio’s monitoring helps you see heart health risks sooner, to adjust treatment strategies for study subjects and to identify target subpopulations for precision medicine approaches.

Prolaio Digital Companions

For treatments with heart health risks, vigilance can be important even after clinical development, so that doctors can see information at an appropriate frequency and degree of detail to make adjustments if needed. Prolaio has the potential to serve as a "digital companion" to new treatments, to be proven during development and then used by patients and care teams in the treatment's normal use, at home and with minimal effort. Because everyone wants new treatments to be successful.

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