Smarter approaches to heart disease

Prolaio is working to improve heart health, starting with HF Transition and HCM solutions tailored to each patient’s condition.

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Heart failure transition care

When patients leave the hospital after an episode of acute heart failure, Prolaio can help prevent readmissions by constantly monitoring health factors and assessing risk.

Patients begin heart monitoring with the Prolaio app as soon as they leave the hospital, utilizing an ECG patch, a blood pressure cuff, and scale, linked by the Prolaio mobile app. The app guides patients through the monitoring process, and gives them feedback on their progress.

Then, the patient’s care team tracks their heart data, health factors, and risk assessments on the Prolaio Monitoring Workbench. If there are any signals of increasing risk, they can take action to see the patient and adjust their care, immediately.

Infographic showing doctor and patient paths through Prolaio

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HCM Progression monitoring

HCM is a progressive disease, which means patients can be at low risk for a long time. The problem is that people are constantly worrying, knowing that acute events can come without warning. That’s where Prolaio can help.

Patients with an HCM diagnosis can use Prolaio’s monitoring to watch for indications that their symptoms could be increasing.

It’s simple. They self-enroll on the Prolaio website and download the Prolaio app on their mobile phone. Then they begin the monitoring process, using their own devices like smart watches or a scale. Periodically, they’ll participate in more intensive monitoring protocols using Prolaio-supplied devices such as an adhesive ECG patch.

Once they begin monitoring, they receive risk assessment reports in the Prolaio app. They can take an active role in their care by allowing their care team to view their monitoring metrics and risk reports so that treatments can be adjusted or initiated, on time, based on real data.

Infographic showing steps for a patient to use Prolaio