Smarter approaches to heart disease

Prolaio is working to improve heart health, starting with Heart Failure Hospital-to-Home Transition Care and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy solutions

A map to success.

Heart failure transition care

When patients leave the hospital after an episode of acute heart failure, Prolaio can help prevent readmissions by constantly monitoring health factors and assessing risk.

Patients begin heart monitoring with the Prolaio app as soon as they leave the hospital, utilizing an ECG patch, a blood pressure cuff, and scale, linked by the Prolaio mobile app. The app guides patients through the monitoring process, and gives them feedback on their progress.

Then, the patient’s care team tracks their heart data, health factors, and risk assessments on the Prolaio Monitoring Workbench. If there are any signals of increasing risk, they can take action to see the patient and adjust their care, immediately.

Infographic showing doctor and patient paths through Prolaio

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HCM Progression monitoring

HCM is a life-long condition, and managing it is difficult for both patients and providers. Prolaio is working to make the disease more predictable and care more systematic.

Patients with an HCM diagnosis can use Prolaio to watch for indications that their symptoms could be increasing. Meanwhile, we’ll analyze data from all participants to create predictive tools to guide care transitions and detect problems. We’re not there yet, and we know it’s an enormous challenge. But if enough people participate, there’s a good chance we can find new patterns to help people manage HCM better in the future.

Patients self-enroll on the Prolaio website. Our medical team confirms eligibility, and then we ship a kit to the patient’s home with the materials they need, like a wrist monitor, a blood pressure cuff, a scale, and ECG patches. Patients follow the steps in the quick-start guide supplied with the kit, and then they follow instructions in a mobile app for day-to-day activities. They receive monitoring results and can share them with their care team if they want, providing a more complete picture of their condition that can be used to shape treatment and wellness strategies.

Infographic showing steps for a patient to use Prolaio