Improving care, lowering cost.

Prolaio aims to reduce admissions and readmissions by enabling care teams to take action in advance of an event.

At home and well cared for.

We’re on a mission to eliminate readmissions.

We all want patients to fare well after a heart failure hospitalization, and that means remaining stable as long as possible. Readmissions are bad for patients. What’s more, readmissions carry steep financial consequences to hospitals and health systems.


Hospitals are held accountable for patient health after a discharge, and readmissions are typically not reimbursable.

A high readmission rate can also affect a hospital’s quality metrics, which can reduce payments for all patient services from certain payers.

With so much at stake, it’s crucial to optimize the hospital-to-home transition for every patient.

View of several empty hospital beds

Efficiency matters.

Fewer readmissions means more capacity for other patients,
without adding new staff or infrastructure.

Better care delivery

Easily deploy monitoring across your care teams, so they can keep tabs on patients and proactively intervene, before they come back to the hospital.

Physician holding a phone

Work with Prolaio to introduce patient monitoring solutions with your providers, starting with a test rollout.

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Track outcomes, efficiency, and watch your health economics improve as a result.